The divine army series

The divine army series are books about novis Lilith. The afterlife isn't at all how she pictured it. After drowning, Lilith is recruted to fight amongst archangels and other novis like her, in the ongoing war against Lucifers disciples (demons).

In Angel's Feather the reader meets the main characters of the books: Lilith and the archangel Gabriel.

Angel's Blood picks up four years after the ending of Angel's Feather.

maandag 13 mei 2013

Angel's Blood - sneak peek

So... I'm busy writing the sequel to Angel's Feather, titled Angel's Blood. I'm about 5000 words in.

Here's a little sneak peek. The first time Lilith meets Micheal, the oldest of the Archangels and one of Gabriel's brother.

Enjoy this little tit bit ;).

“So, you're Lilith.”
The angel stood next to her, an inquisitive look in his grey eyes. Lilith shook his hand. 
“And you are?” she asked.
He laughed, a pleasant sound, like swimming in a warm bath of honey. She pulled her hand out of his grip and tried to shake off the comfortable warmth. She managed. Or maybe he let her. She didn't know which one it was.
'I'm Michael.”
“The one who makes all the decisions around here.” Her remake made him frown. She shrugged. Although she never met the oldest of the Archangels, she had heard stories about him. He was the one who send Gabriel to the Watch House, four years ago. He was the reason why Nestor didn't fight in the war against the demons anymore.
“Something like that.” He made a gesture towards the door. “You're a not so welcome guest in Nestor's office.”
“Something like that.” She used his non descript answer against him. Michael laughed again.

woensdag 17 april 2013

Angel's Feather - the first chapter

Download the whole novella for free on

Chapter 1

From the cemetery the funeral procession slowly moved back to the auditorium. Lilith stared at Ben’s back. He was wearing his leather jacket and with each step he took, the broken zipper lightly tapped against his belt buckle. Tap. Tap. Tap. The rhythm overtook the sound of the mourners’ footsteps. The ceremony had been sort of OK. White coffin. White flowers. White everything. Even the weather had been co-operative: a thin layer of snow covered the earth.
Delilah stepped forward, alongside Ben. She leaned over to him, their shoulders nearly touching. Ben bent over to her a little, so his face was close to hers. Lilith strained to try and find out what Delilah was saying to him: “If you…”
Her mother slid through the snow, passing in front of Ben and Delilah, her brown hair tied together in a long pigtail all the way down her back. Her head slightly bowed, she stared down at her ankle boots, which had left tracks in the white surface.
Lilith put out her hand, wanting to put her arm around her mother. Wanting to comfort her. Fortunately her dad was already there. He put his big hands around his wife’s shoulders. He pulled her close, allowing her to lean on him. They scuffed further along, entering the auditorium.
Ben and Delilah were still walking side by side. Too close to one another. Lilith made a loud snorting sound, but they didn’t hear her. She moved in closer on Ben’s other side; perhaps she was able to catch a phrase or two of what they were talking about. But they were both quiet.
In front of the heavy, wooden door of the auditorium Lilith came to a halt. Delilah walked on and Ben followed her. She wanted to grab him to stop him, but she failed to catch his attention. She just had to talk to him. About what had happened. She had so much to make up to Ben for. And not just to her boyfriend. She had also been giving mom and Delilah a tough time. The lies, the cutting classes, the stealing, the stupid pranks she pulled…she had managed to make a real big mess of things since she came into this world seventeen years ago.
Grieving people passed her on either side. Nobody said a word. She wanted to step inside, but suddenly Gabriel blocked her way.
That was all she needed right now! If there was one thing she really didn’t feel like listening to, it was the lecture she was undoubtedly about to get. With his arms crossed in front of his chest, Gabriel literally looked down on her. He was standing on the top step of the small staircase leading into the auditorium.
Yeah, yeah, I know.” She couldn’t help defying him. Every conversation she ever had with Gabriel, turned into a fierce discussion, if she was able to control herself at all! More often still she lost her patience, or Gabriel lost his – really, “angelic patience” was nothing but a mere myth! Their “talks” usually ended in her kicking and screaming and him slamming a few doors here and there.
He rose one eyebrow. Mockery was written all over his otherwise perfect face. His blue eyes, which stood out so bright against the deep black colour of his hair, pierced into hers.
What?” OK, this time she was not able to control herself.
Gabriel didn’t need to say anything. She already knew. He had told her over and over, time and again. His voice echoed in her head, the words tapping the same rhythm as the broken zipper on Ben’s jacket. “It. Is. Forbidden.”
She pulled up her nose. A snowflake swirled down in between them. Another one followed. Time passed, extending itself. Time was a strange notion when you were dead. “Yes. I know. All right. You told me. Like a zillion times.”
What did I tell you, Lilith? What exactly did I say to you?”
OK. So this was how he wanted to play the game? Lilith took a deep breath and virtuously gabbled the words he apparently so desperately wanted to hear from her. She imitated his dark, melodic voice, emphasizing the word “forbidden”, just like he always did.
“For Novis it is forbidden to seek contact with the living without an assignment. For Novis it is forbidden to go to one’s own funeral. It is forbidden to try to contact your own family or friends.”


The chairs in Nestor’s office were uncomfortable. While she moved back and forth on her chair, Lilith wondered if that was done deliberately. You were summoned into Nestor’s office if you had gotten yourself so deep into trouble, that even your commander wasn’t able to get you out. Most Novis avoided the room like the plague. In the short time she had been in the Guardhouse, she had already been in there a dozen times.
Gabriel leaned against the wall. Lilith saw him studying the young fair-haired man sitting opposite her. When he noticed her watching him, he answered her look with a sullen frown. Lilith turned her back on him. Her being a frequent visitor of the punishment quarters Nestor resided in, meant that Gabriel got to come here more often than he thought…desirable. Yes, those had been his exact words when he dragged her along. Away from the cemetery. Away from Ben. Back to the Guardhouse.
That Gabriel phrased it like that, that is was not “desirable”, surprised her. Gabriel was hardly a-play-by-the-rules kind of guy himself. That he made up his own rules every now and again was the reason he got stuck with her in the first place! Lilith couldn’t suppress a grin creeping over her face.
What’s so funny, Novus?” Nestor tapped on his desk with his finger and looked at her with raised eyebrows. Seeing him like that, one would never have guessed him being one of the Great Warriors, Lilith pondered. His thick, blond hair stood out to all sides in an untamed way, framing a friendly face with big, intelligent brown eyes. Just the scar starting beneath his right eye, running all the way down his cheek in one fluent line straight to the middle of his chin, was an indication of what he was. What he had done.
Lilith shook her head. No, there was most certainly nothing funny about this whole situation. Ben, mom, dad. Everyone she loved. Even Delilah. She even missed Delilah. Even though she had had a huge fight with her sister just hours before she died, about a skirt, for Pete’s sake.
Lilith sighed. No, there was absolutely nothing funny whatsoever.
According to the complaint you went to the funeral without the explicit permission of your commander and you tried to seek contact with…”
Gabriel didn’t refuse me anything.” Lilith interrupted him. “I told him I was going to the funeral and all he did was say that it was forbidden for Novis to get into contact with the living. He did not explicitly forbid me to go.
Behind her she could hear Gabriel moving back and forth.
Again Nestor raised his eyebrows. He didn’t mention her interrupting him, which she considered to be a good sign. His brown eyes shifted their focus from her to a spot behind her, probably where Gabriel was standing.
If the complaint states that I went somewhere without permission, then that is technically untrue”. Lilith stuck out her chin a bit further. She had so much had it with all the formalities and pleasantries. Submissive behaviour was never her style. Neither in life, nor in death.
Gabriel?” Nestor’s voice sounded friendly. There had been times that she had heard the two of them speak in a less kind tone on more than one occasion. A shiver ran down her spine. If they were really angry, even the enormous Guardhouse would be too small.
The incident happened when she had barely been there for a day. It had been her first meeting with Nestor. He and the angel had been standing opposite each other in a furious fit, Gabriel’s voice roaring through the Guardhouse. “I don’t belong here! This is no place for an Archangel, you know that, I know that and Michael most certainly knows it too!”
Nestor had been staring at him without saying a word. His brown eyes had turned black, his mouth one straight line. The expression on his face made Lilith’s heart cringe. “But it is a place for me? Is that what you mean, Gabriel?” Nestor whispered the words, but they had far more impact than the yelling of the angel. Then Nestor had turned around and walked away.
I forbid her to go.”
The irritation in Gabriel’s voice made Lilith turn around. She shot up from her chair; she was fed up with having to look up at everybody.
You did not forbid me anything at all! You just said that it is forbidden. That’s something completely different!” She said it in an enraged tone of voice. She turned back towards Nestor, who shook his head slowly, a slight smirk on his face. The sneer pushed up his scar, which made it even more obvious how the rough line disfigured his face.
Gabriel, she’s got a point.”
But,” he continued in the same calm manner, “whether Gabriel did or did not explicitly summon you not to go, fact of the matter is that it is indeed forbidden for Novis to try to contact any living relatives and friends.”
Crap. Lilith straightened her shoulders. The triumphant smile on her face disappeared just as rapidly as it had appeared. This could only mean a punishment exercise, for sure.
“Lilith, would you please leave us alone? You can wait outside, in the hallway.”
Before she slipped out of the office she cast a glance at Gabriel. He was not looking happy. Not happy at all…His blue eyes were spitting fire as she walked by him. They were hiding a silent promise: this conversation was not over. Not over by far. Gabriel wouldn’t let her disobedience pass just like that.
Lilith answered his look with the equal amount of fire. She pulled up her nose and had to make a real effort not to stick out her tongue. Who would have guessed that angels could be so annoying?